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Is your application PA-DSS Compliant?

One requirement of PCI DSS validation is that all payment applications must be PA-DSS compliant.

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Elavon's PCI Compliance Program Overview

Learn more about cardholder data security and the benefits of Elavon's new program.

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Protect Your Customers and Your Reputation

Elavon understands the value of presenting numerous payment options to your customers in today’s competitive marketplace. To safeguard your acceptance of credit and debit cards and minimize security risks from the compromise of card data, Elavon has teamed with TrustWave – a Visa® and MasterCard® accredited Qualified Security Assessor and Approved Scanning Vendor – to help you comply with current industry security standards for your electronic payment solution.

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To promote the security of the credit and debit card payment systems, the five major card networks established the Payment Card Industry Council to oversee the Payment Card Industry – Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS).

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All merchants are required to comply with PCI-DSS, which includes completing the Self-Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ). The SAQ is a validation tool used to assist merchants with meeting their PCI-DSS compliance requirements.

Elavon is providing access to the SAQ and knowledgeable personnel to assist you in completing the assessment and validating your compliance through TrustWave.


Verify Your Compliance

The card brands categorize merchants' PCI compliance by four merchant levels. The actions you must take to validate your compliance such as on-site security audit, network scan or self-assessment questionnaire depend upon your processing volume and acceptance environment.

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PCI DSS Security Criteria

The card brands categorise PCI compliance by four merchant levels. The actions a merchant must take to validate compliance such as on-site security audit, network scan and self-assessment questionnaire depend upon the merchant level.

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Already Compliant?

If you have already validated PCI Compliance for your business via another PCI Program other than Elavon's, you must supply proof of validation. Click here and follow the instructions until you are prompted to supply your documentation.